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The MoneyFrog Signal - $30/month

  • The MoneyFrog signal is a combination of algorithmic and manual trading.
  • This signal is available on the MT4 platform.
  • A hidden stop-loss is used on all trades.
  • Pending orders are sometimes used.
  • Trading mostly EUR/USD, but trades may occur on all of the 28 major and minor cross pairs as well as gold pairs.
  • The recommended minumum balance is $200.
  • This signal is available through two external sites. Both are essentially the same:
    1. SignalStart.com
    2. MQL5.com
  • For instructions on how to subscribe, see the Subscription page.


  • The best place to check the results is on the SignalStart or MQL5 websites. This way you can be sure that the results were not manipulated.
    • The MoneyFrog signal on the SignalStart website. Here you'll find find all the history from January 2017 onwards.
    • The MoneyFrog signal on the MQL5 website. Here you'll find only the history from May 2017 onwards.