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How to Subscribe to a Signal on MQL5.com

Firstly, you'll need a trading account.

(If you are already registered at a broker and have a trading account, you can skip this section).

  1. Register at the broker of your choice. In the FAQ brokers section, you can find the brokers that we use. You only need one. Go to the Forex broker's website, and click on Register.
  2. You'll need to fill in a form and verify your email address.
  3. Normally you need to verify your identity and address by sending photos or copies of an identity document and a document showing your address.
  4. When your profile is active, you can login to your broker profile and click on 'Create Live Account' (or something similar) to create a trading account. For MT4 signals, we use an ECN, US dollar account with a leverage of 300:1 or more. You can use a different account type and leverage if you like, but it needs to be an MT4 account.
  5. While still logged on, you can deposit some money by clicking on accounts, then click on the new account, and then click on deposit. Select one of a number of methods including credit card, and deposit a minimum of $200 into the new trading account.

Now we need to register at MQL5.com

  1. Go to www.mql5.com
  2. Login (or register an MQL5 account if you do not have one already).
  3. Deposit $30 or more into your account. We will be used to pay for the signal. To deposit, you need to:
    • Hover over your name and click on 'Deposit to Account'.
    • Click on a deposit method.
    • Type in the amount.
    • Click 'Deposit to Account' and then 'Confirm Payment'.
    • You will get redirected to your payment site where you will need to confirm the details of the payment.

Next we need to install MetaTrader (MT4)

  1. Download MetaTrader 4 from your broker website.
  2. Install MetaTrader and run the program.
  3. The first time Metatrader opens, you will get the account login popup (otherwise, in the Navigator window, right-click on 'Accounts' and click on 'Login to Trade Account').
  4. Enter the account number, password and select the correct server. (This is the real account in which you deposited the money).
  5. You should be logged in at this point and the 'Connection Status' (bottom right) should be green.
  6. Click on Tools|Options and then the Community tab.
  7. Click blue text on the bottom: 'If you have an account, please login.'
  8. Enter your MQL5.com login details here and click OK.
  9. Now close Metatrader.

Now we are going to copy the signal

  1. Go to the signal page: MoneyFrog
  2. Click on 'Login' (top right) and enter your MQL5.com login details again.
  3. Click on 'Copy Trades' on the left.
  4. Click on 'Start Copying in MetaTrader'.
  5. Metatrader should open up on the signals tab, showing the MoneyTree signal info.
  6. Click on the MQL5 button to pay with your MQL5 balance.
  7. Enter (or copy and paste) your MQL5.com password here again and click on Pay.
  8. A window will pop up and you can use the following settings:
    • You can go ahead and select all the check-boxes.
    • Use no more than: 10% of deposit.
    • Stop if equity is less than: 100 USD. (For a $200 deposit).
    • Deviation/Slippage: 0.5 speads.
  9. Click on the Trade tab in the Terminal window to see the trades (if there are any at the moment).
  10. MetaTrader should be running in order to copy the trades.
  11. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Here is a summary of all the logins created

  1. Broker Profile (Broker website): Here you can create new accounts and deposit money into them.
  2. Trading Account: The account created on the broker site. You only need one for now. You'll need the account number, password, and server to login to MetaTrader. Then you can check your results and also make trades yourself (but be careful).
  3. MQL5.com Account: This is the site where the signal is hosted. Here you deposit money into your account in order to pay for a signal later. This password is also used when paying for a signal in MetaTrader.